Wednesday, September 4, 2013

How on Earth Did we Get Here??? Part 1

            Goodness, where does one begin . . . . .  Well, when Bob retired from the Air Force, we thought that we would live in Indiana for a while, to be close to Bob’s Mom, as she was recovering from a bout with Breast Cancer.  We planned to decide where we would buy or build our “forever” home, settle where ever that would be, and live happily ever after!
            The introduction of Grandchildren into our lives helped us to make a very quick decision as to just where the “where” was going to be.  We moved on down to Texas.  (Heather, Kevin and Mace lived in Lewisville, Texas, Jason, Kerry, Danny and Karen lived in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and MaryEllen was planning a move to Texas in the very near future . . . our course was set!)  Within a year of our move, we moved into our very first “own home” in Roanoke, Texas; 30 miles from both Forth Worth and Dallas.  God is Good! 
Our home in Roanoke, Texas

            Well, we were planning the upgrades to the house we were hoping to make in the next year, 5 years, etc.  Then, before we knew it, we had made the decision to trade in our travel trailer.  We fell in love with the sweetest Flagstaff trailer and pulled it home with us.  It was like a very tiny apartment! 

Our Flagstaff and our Suburban that we were pulling it with, parked out at Pilot Knoll Campground on Lewisville Lake in Texas.

Grizz and Bailey in the living room area of our Flagstaff.
Somewhere between getting it home and finding a larger vehicle to pull it with, we realized that we really didn’t have the ties to our home and community like we thought that we would have established. . . . and maybe, just maybe we wanted to travel full time for a while.  Hmmmm.  (Now, our home is lovely, comfortable, more than we could have asked for, and we have been so Blessed to have been able to call it home these past 11 years.  And, Roanoke, well, it is a sweet small town, close to everything that anyone could ever need, truly a lovely town, and right along the Chisum Trail.  And, we had the most wonderful neighbors; they have been such a gift to us. . . . . . AND, so very close to our family!)  But, God gave Bob a dream, and when He gives a dream, and we submit to it, well, He makes the paths straight before us.  The dream has grown to OUR dream (Bob says there was quite a bit of work and patience for him to get to get to this point J), and is taking us onward to our “Next Biggs Adventure!”
            Well, the discussions began, could we really do this. . . . are we crazy . . . . what hurdles are in front of us  . . . . Live ?  Full time?  in an RV?????  And then, the research began!  So           many have traveled this path and have written books, articles, and have websites, so plenty of information was out there of “do’s and don’ts” that helped us decide if this would be feasible for us. 
           Before we knew it, we had begun minimizing and simplifying . . . . .  And then the painting of the house in Roanoke began . . . . .  And the search for an RV that we could call home (realizing that our Flagstaff really would not be large enough for Bob, myself, and Grizz (our German Shepard) and Bailey (our Lab mix) to live out of) began in earnest.

Grizz and Bailey, such good campers!

            We had decided on a one ton dually for our vehicle, so that power and size would not be an issue when it came to choosing our new home.  We felt that the truck would be an extension of our home, so comfort was also an important aspect.  The Lord provided the perfect used 3500HD Silverado, 1 ½ year old, and in wonderful condition.

Our lovely "Beast"

Bob trying out his new chair! (This is in the upstairs living area)
             Then came our "new Home!"  We looked and looked at 5th Wheels, and kept coming back to one particular brand  (Redwood), and one particular floor plan (a front living room).  But the price of a new one was daunting, to say the least.  We kept giving this dream, the hows and whens to the Lord, and knew if it was to be, His timing and arrangements would be more than perfect.  Low and behold, a one year old, very gently used Redwood, with the exact floor plan that we wanted, came available.  The sweet salesman that we had been working with, worked on his end, holding the 5th wheel (it seems that requests for it were coming from all over the country).  We put a deposit down, sight unseen, and we could see the Lord's Hand all over the trailer when we first saw it!  Well, it was soon ours and about 3-4 weeks later, we parked it in one of our local storage areas.

Our New Home, parked at the Farm up in Michigan.

My kitchen!

             Now, to sell the house . . . . . .  As we painted and updated we prayed for the new owners, knowing that our God would bring the family that He wanted to be there.
Our newly painted and flooring laid living room.

Bob checking out the roof.
 This sweet family came to see the house the morning before the house went on the market, and the next day, Bob and I were signing a contract for the sale of our home!  There were a few ups and downs, a few delays and such . . . . at one point there was the question of it possibly going back on the market.  BUT, we felt deep in our hearts that The Lord had brought this Christian family to the house, and that they were the ones who were to be the next owners.  The middle of July, Drew and Kassie (and their most precious daughter and son) took possession of their new home!  God is so good! 
              Only one more obstacle before we were on the road . . . . . .  Bob's job.  Bob retired from Lowe's the end of July!!!  God's hand was seen nearly daily in this decision as well . . . . . . He has truly let the whole way through, and continues to lead.


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