Friday, October 11, 2013

A Bit of Arkansas

After we left Indiana, we headed toward Arkansas.  We drove on a bit of Arkansas Highway 7 . . . . . . Beautiful!!!!!  One of our first "scenic stops" was overlooking the Buffalo River Valley.  The view was amazing!  

More Buffalo River Valley . . . . . .

Mace on his way up the lookout tower stairway.

Looking out from the top of the tower.

Both photos above and below taken atop the lookout tower.  The clouds and the sky were just beautiful for us!

As we neared Petit Jean State Park, where our reservations were, we drove into Yell County . . . . . those True Grit aficionados out there will recognize that name.  We drove a bit further, and we drove into Dardanelle!  Mattie Ross (from the True Grit book and movie) proclaimed herself to be from Dardanelle, in Yell County Arkansas!  
The day after settling into our camping spot at the State Park, we headed back toward Dardanelle, and up to Mount Nebo State Park.  Mount Nebo rises 1350 ft. up above the Arkansas River Valley.  The drive up the mountain did not allow vehicles over 24 ft to go up.  The road was so fun!  Major hairpin curves, narrow road, no side rails, and lots of 10 mph signs!  More beauty everywhere we turned . . . . .

Looking out over the Arkansas River Valley---this was taken outside the gift shop at the top of Mount Nebo.
Mace enjoyed all the high rock formations, and we got lots
of photos!  Right along here is a trail entry to the Rim Trail, which has safety warnings at the beginning.  We had the dogs with us, so did not take the trail.

Some of the flora and fauna, and bumblebees!

A beautiful stone garage or workshop atop
Mt. Nebo
Driving back down the Mountain . . . .

We left Mount Nebo and headed to a spot that Bob and I and the kids and my brother Derek had camped at about 25 years ago . . . . . Mount Magazine and Cove Lake.  Mace had heard our family stories of Mt. Magazine and was so excited to be able to finally see it. It is a lovely park.  One of the places that we had taken a photo out on a ledge is now fenced off for safety, but it was beautiful nonetheless.

The above photo was taken from the truck, looking up the side of the mountain.  You know that God had to have had so much fun during creation! 
 I love being surrounded by His creation, rather than seeing 
concrete, asphalt, formed metal and the like . . . . . . 

On Mt. Magazine

One of our Happy Travelers!

Petit Jean State Park was beautiful!!!  It sets upon Petit Jean Mountain.  It was named for the legend of a beautiful French girl who disguised herself as a young cabin boy and followed her beau across the ocean.  Here is a link to the history of Petit Jean Mountain:   

We took a couple of the trails there . . . . . .

The initial walkway was nicely done and so easy to navigate

The drop was amazing . . . . . .

Ahhhhhhhhh, so peaceful here!

A great spot to relax a bit!

The trees were like spires, all trying to be the one to reach the furthest into the sky . . . . .  .

Some of the signage along the trail . . . . . .  .

Bear Cave Trail was so much fun for us all!  We were up and down rocks and boulders, on trails, in caves and through a formation called "Eye of the Needle."

Mace giving us an idea of a "Bear Cave"   :-)

Bob and Grizz and Bailey were in the lead on the trail.  They came upon this cave, got up into it and waited . . . . . quietly, of course . . . . .
As Mace came by, Bob let out a good "Bear Growl" ------ Mace jumped good I hear, and then when I, pulling up the rear, came by, they growled for me too!  What fun!  
We all got up into the cave, it was bigger than it looks here.

This reminded me of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade . . . . .

What fun we had!!!!!  Look at this great team!

Mace in what we figured must be the "Eye of the Needle"

Walking about in the rock formations

This was taken the morning we got back on the road.  This was a scenic pullout on Petit Jean Mountain.

What splendor!

About to hook up and pull out.  This was out campsite.  It was extremely generous in size, and the view was lovely!

The view from our campsite

And so we say farewell to an amazingly beautiful spot and state . . . . . full of gratitude for God's blessing!
Wish you all could have been here with us!

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