Friday, January 24, 2014

Winter In Texas . . . . .

January 7th, 2014, sunset view from our trailer

One of Bob's favorite things about Texas, next to our Kiddos and GrandKiddos being here, is the weather in the winter!

We have our cold days, even below zero, 
sometimes snow or sleet.

In early December of this winter, we had a sleet storm.  There was tiny bits
of snow mixed in, but what you see is sleet.

 Grizz gets excited and romps around like a pup, grabbing his leash and
trying to chomp at Bailey or Bob's flanks!
He LOVES snow and winter weather!

Sleet does not deter Bailey from being on "squirrel  alert!"
There are tons of squirrels in the park, so she doesn't relax much if she is awake.

It looks like Bob is trying to encourage Bailey to hurry along!

The poor Silverado! The door was frozen
 shut for a few days!  We stayed very cold
for nearly a week--unusual for here.

Cold, yes . . . .  but oh so beautiful!

Here in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, the cold is usually pretty short lived.
As you can see, we were right up to shorts weather in
a short bit.

This was such a lovely evening . . . . the sun was showing off
God's works of art!

Nearly at that magical time between day and night . . . . .
I love the colors of dusk, the softness and the depth, 
it's as though every color is magnified.


Last night we had a freeze again---it was down to 16 degrees this morning.
And, tomorrow it is supposed to be in the 60's and on 
Sunday, the 70's . . . . . Then another cold front comes in on
Winter in Texas . . . . . 

Until later Y'all!

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