Monday, September 9, 2013

How On Earth Did We Get Here??? Part. 2


Woo Hoo!

Mace wearing his do-rag
Shortly after Bob's retirement from Lowe's, we hit the road!  Our first outing was a bit of a vacation for us. . . . . .  We were able to take our "Traveling Partner" with us this year, our grandson Mace.  He loves to go along whenever he can.  He has become such a help to Gramps and myself . . . . He helps Bob set up the trailer, check the lights, break camp, put in the slides, check to make sure we have stairs up and handles in :-) .  We look forward to being able to take each of the grand kids along on summer trips! 

 We went home to Indiana first.  Bob's family has a reunion the first weekend in August each year at Summer's Carroll Campground in the Attica area. 

                           This is the entrance to Summer's Carroll Campground, so beautiful! And surrounded by cornfields!

 It is out in the country, on gravel roads, the only real noise are the crickets and the cicada.  It is lovely. We go there every year, and always look forward to going back.  Bob has 7 brothers and sisters, and every so often things work out for everyone to attend . . . .  this was one of those years!  Siblings came from Indiana, Ohio, Florida, Kansas and Texas.

From the left:  Carol, Dave, Ed, Mom, Sharon, Doris, Rita, Bob and Pam.  They lined up according to age, and put Mom in the middle. Mom turned 91 this year, doesn't she look wonderful????

We all had such a wonderful time!  There was much laughter, lots of hugs, photos taken, memories recalled, amazing food and as always with a Biggs get-together, the cards came out and the Euchre games began!  The weekend was too short, once again . . . . . 

Cole Family Reunion
During the reunion weekend, Bob's Mom has her Cole Family Reunion as well, so we get to see even more family!  We meet for lunch and visit, the kids play and the family has a meeting.  What a treat to see everyone, and this year we has a special guest, Mom's cousin, Julian Woodin came from Arizona.  They had such a lovely time reminiscing, and we enjoyed hearing the family stories.  Julian hopes to make the reunion next year!  Bob's Mom has 2 living siblings who we always look forward to seeing,  Aunt Iona and Uncle Tom.  
Bob's lovely Aunt Iona 

Mom's cousin Julian on the left and her brother, Uncle Tom on the right.

Mom (in pink) and sister Aunt Iona.
Cole Reunion, Aunt Beulah, Jeannette, Jennifer and Ashlee
Family  :-) At the Cole Reunion

Rita, Ed and Jane at the campground

There is always more than enough food to go around . . . . . .

Bob and his brothers, Ed on the left and Dave on the right.

Everyone visiting and catching up.

The newest member of the Biggs/Sheets family, Hazely Marie Martinez, daughter of Jennifer Renee, and grand daughter of Pam.  Isn't she precious!

Bob and his brothers, Ed and Dave, they resemble one another so much . . . ..  And they do keep us all in stitches!

Ed with Mom and Aunt Iona----I love this photo!

To view more photos from the reunions, click on this link:

On the Sunday morning of the weekend, Dave and Jeannette hold Church for us, and Doris often leads us with the singing.  They were officers in the Salvation Army, now retired.  After Brunch, Church and more visiting, people began leaving.  I had made a pot of ham and beans for dinner, and some stayed later and had dinner with us . . . . . we cleaned up the ham and beans VERY well!
Mace went with his cousins, Layne and Ty back to Uncle Dave and Aunt Jeannette's house on the Wabash River.  He enjoys the company of all of his relatives!  The boys had great fun together.

Can't wait for next year's reunion!!!!


  1. WOW Aunt D!!! Looks fabulous! I love the photos from 2013 reunions! Much love you you and Uncle Bob! Amy

  2. Thanks Amy! Google Blogger makes it so easy to do . . . .templates and all! Love to you too Sweetheart!

  3. Thanks Sweetheart, did you click on the link and see the photos on sky drive? I hope that it is working okay for everyone.
    Miss you all!