Friday, September 27, 2013

Michigan . . . . . .

Ahhhhh, home to Michigan!  We parked our home at my brother, Doug, and his wife, Tanya's, farm in Amber/Scottville (just about 7 miles east of Ludington).  The farm was our Grandparents, and then our parents, so it is home . . . . . .  The pines have grown so tall, we love being nestled under them.  Our youngest brother, Drew and his wife, Dena, and their youngest son, Mason, live just down the hill from the farm.  (I am the eldest, and only girl :-), next comes Doug (who lives in Washington state), then Derek (who lives in the Dallas area), then Dean (who lives in Ludington--a few miles from the farm) and then comes Drew.  (I have THE BEST brothers ever, and love being their sister--- Life Is Good!)
At Drew and Dena's for a cookout--
Mace, Drew and Brad

Randy telling a story at Drew and Dena's

We had a wonderful time in Michigan, as we always do.  It was wonderful having our coffee outside in the cool temps.

We love going to Lake Michigan to play in the surf and the sand.  This year the water was a bit cold, so we didn't do any swimming, but we did get some beautiful photos!

Being with family is truly the best, and it appears that retirement will give us so many more opportunities to do just that!

Below:  Lake Michigan at dusk.  We were at the Ludington City Park.  The sky seemed to be performing for us . . . . . . .

Below:  The Gulls were everywhere the evening we were there. . . . . . they were lovely to watch!

Below:  Mace walking down to the water . . . . .  we hated to leave the lake, it was so peaceful.

It was great to see everyone, and we had such a good time, full of hugs and laughter!  Dena took us blueberry pickin' . . . . . . went to Bud's Tap Room in Ludington to hear my brother Dean's band, Tangle Eye, play . . . . . . . hung out with Aunt Nancy and her kitties and dog Felix . . . . . . had a delicious cookout with Drew, Dena and family. . . . . . . got to see cousin Virginia and sons, Brad and Randy (up from Indianapolis) . . . . . . . had a quick visit with our Aunt Florence . . . . . . had a FABULOUS blueberry pie (and Blueberry syrup) that Dena made for us and got to share with Cathy and Jeff, Aunt Nancy, Drew, Dena, Mason and Cole . . . . . . got to go on a little adventure with Dena to a special area in Ludington . . . .  . .  go to Lake Michigan . . . . . . took a nice walk to "The Project" with Dean, Sharon and our sweet niece Taylor . . . . . . AND was able to do a bit of Cemetery searching  with Dena, Bob and Mace, for Grandpa Erastus Parmelee's gravestone-----and found it!!!!  Whew!!!!!  We packed as much into a few short days as possible!
Mace's first experience picking blueberries--he was a pro in no time at all!

Aren't they beautiful?!?  And they were sooooo sweet!  Yum!
LOTS of berries!!!!!  The freezer will look wonderful, with all this blue!

Dena and the delicious pie and blueberry syrup she made . . . . .  yes, she spoiled us!  *We have to make a note here, that Dena makes some of the best pies ever, and this one was amazing!

Aunt Nancy telling us a story . . . . . we were all laughing so hard!

Wish you all had been here to help us enjoy!
Mace, myself and our very sweet Aunt Florence!
Mace and Felix wore one another out!
Mace and his buddy, Felix, Aunt Nancy's dog

Dean singing and playing, Denny on drums.

Dean on lead guitar, Denny on drums and Remington on bass guitar.  They have a great facebook page, if you haven't seen it, it has some of their music as well.

Walking up to the viewing tower over The Project.  Left to right: Dean, Robert and Dean's wife, Sharon.

Now here are a couple of cuties!  Taylor, on the left and Mace on the right. (First cousins, 1x removed)

My Robert, enjoying the beauty of Michigan

Over-looking The Project
From the left:  Mace, Debbie (moi), Taylor and Sharon

The Project is a hydroelectric plant and reservoir south of Ludington.  When it was built, in the early 1970's, it was the largest plant of its type in the world.  Bob and I remember in the early 70's, my Grandparents took us up for a drive around the top perimeter of the reservoir.  That drive is no longer available, but there are overlooks that give great views.

We had such a lovely time in Michigan . . . . .  and there just is never enough time it seems.

It is always so hard to leave (as it has been, all my life), and we always look forward to our return!

Until next time . . . . . .!


  1. Great Blog !!! Love Ludington, nice little country town !! Dean L.