Wednesday, October 30, 2013

In September, Bob and I had the treat of being able to help Jason, Kerry, Danny, Karen and Ashley Mae move from the San Antonio area to Burkburnett, Texas.

Jason just retired from 20 years of service in the U.S. Air Force!  We are very proud of, and grateful for, his service to our Country. 

 ***Let me take just a minute here to thank each and every one of you, and of your family members, who are reading and who are serving, or have served,  for the sacrifices that you both made, and were willing to make, for each and every American. Freedom comes at a high price, and far too many citizens do not understand or appreciate the cost.  We thank you!***

Jason is finishing his Master's Degree and hopes to begin his Doctorate's soon after.  Kerry is about to graduate with her Bachelor's Degree in Education (she is carrying a 4.0 + average and will graduate with honors!) and hopes to be teaching soon in the Burkburnett school system.  Before being transferred to San Antonio, Jason was stationed at Shepperd AFB in Wichita Falls (10 miles from Burkburnett) for several years.  They loved it there, and that is where they decided to retire.

So, it is fun for them to be able to see friends that they made while they were there, and the kiddos are not entering a school system that they are unfamiliar with . . . . . . .  


We camped at Fort Sam Houston, an Army Post in San Antonio while we were there.  It was a great campground, clean, good sized lots, very nice folks . . . . .
Labor Day, we had a cook out there by the camper.  The canopy worked great to help keep the sun and heat off of us . . . . . . that is, until a great gust of wind tried to take it away!  Bob and Jason moved quick as a flash and grabbed the poles!   . . . . . . Making Memories . . . . .    :-)

Danny on the left, Robert and Karen on the right.

Tex, alias Jason, or J.D.  

Kerry and Duke . . . . .

Kerry was telling us a story . . . . .

Our Ashley Mae----our Cowgirl   :-)

Karen keeping the text messages going good . . . . .

Danny is growing into such a young man . . . . . .

Duke, or the Dukester!

Bob giving Jason some OJT on retirement!!!!

The colors of the sunset were so vibrant, I couldn't capture the colors very well, but it was a beautiful ending to such a wonderful day!

This is amazing to be able to be able to pull up stakes and head south to be available to Jason and Kerry!  In the past, with work, the flexibility just was not there.  We are so thankful!

Plus, it is great to get them closer to the DFW area once again!

Blessings and Hugs----till next time!
Bob and Deb


  1. So happy that you guys were able to spend so much time down there in SA with them! The perks of being retired and mobile! :D