Tuesday, February 11, 2014

52 Week Challange: #4 Hiram Hart

Hiram Hart

Hiram Hart is the father of my mother's mother's father's mother (whew!)
Or, my 3rd Great Grandfather on my mother's side.

His parents were Rodman Thomas Hart and Lorinda Granger Hart.
Hiram was born about 1816 in Junius, Seneca County, New York, about
a year and a half after his parents moved there from Farmington, Ontario County, also in 
New York.  His father had purchased a 50 acre farm.

Hiram's mother died when he was just 7 years old.  Rodman Hart remarried 5
months after his wife Lorinda died.  He still had young children in the 
household. Hiram had one sister, Rebecca, the eldest of the 
children, and 5 brothers, 3 elder, Haddasha, Henry and
Samuel, and 2 younger, Jacob and Gahazi.

Not much has been discovered about Hiram's younger years.  I would
imagine that he helped his father and brothers with the 

Circa 1839 he met and married Angeline Cushman, the daughter
of Solomon and Salina Cushman of Floyd, Oneida County, New York.
Together they had at least 4 children, William H., Lorinda Rebecca, 
Thomas Rodman and Clara S.

In the 1840 U.S. Census, Hiram and family are living in Junius.  In the
1850 U.S. Census, Hiram and his family are living in Rose,
Wayne County, New York.  Hiram is farming there.  We 
find the Hiram Hart family in Rose again in 1860 with 
Hiram still farming.  The Rose city directory from 1868
states that Hiram is a farmer and also a shingle maker.

The lure of moving a bit westward . . . . . .
so many families left the familiar, family and friends to head west.
Hiram, Angeline, their daughter, Lorinda and her daughter, 
Myrtle are next found in the 1870 Census in  Charlotte,
Eaton Co., Michigan.  In October of 1870, Hiram and 
Angeline sold their land in Rose to Henry Garlick.

September of 1873 brought sorrow to the Hart household when 
Angeline died.  Two years later, in March of 1875, Hiram
married Angeline's youngest sister, Susan P. 
Cushman.  This was Susan's first marriage.

Susan and Hiram had 5 short years together.  Hiram fell ill with typhoid
pneumonia, and died in March of 1880, leaving Susan 

Hiram is buried in South Center Eaton Cemetery in Eaton County,

The photo below was taken in Lyons, New York, not far from Rose.
It is a photo of Hiram and Angeline Cushman Hart.
How I love this photo!  I look and look, trying to see little hints of 
"who they were."

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