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The Quadrangle on Fort Sam Houston, San Antonio, Texas--September 2013

This past September, we spent the greater part of the month
camping at the
campground on Fort Sam Houston.
We were there in San
Antonio helping Jason, Kerry and the kiddos get ready for 
their move to Burkburnett.

While we were there, we had the
opportunity to spend a 
bit of time being tourists on the Army Post.
When we lived here
in the 1980's, we did not have the chance
to check out
Fort Sam----apart from the great amount of time
that we spent at BAMC
(Brook Army Medical Center).
Mary Ellen had 2 major surgeries there, and many,
many minor procedures.

This is the Old BAMC.  This is where Bob, myself and MaryEllen spent many hours, and several nights.  The building is still being used, just not in the Medical Field.

It was fun having the time to poke around a bit!
Wow! What an amazing and history-laden post!  I wanted to share with 
you all some of the photos from there, and especially from the 
beautiful Quadrangle, right there on Fort Sam.

Above is the view from outside the Quadrangle, by the parking lot.  There are several static
displays of artillery, helicopters, tanks, etc.  The palms were such
a beautiful backdrop, and some were so tall!
The construction of the Quadrangle began in 1876 and one year later the Quartermaster
Depot moved into it.  The Quadrangle was the original Fort Sam Houston and is
the oldest building on the Army Post today, and is still in use.

The following photos  show a few of its wildlife residents . . . . .

I loved this goose, we dubbed her/him "Mother Goose!"

There is food for the wildlife for sale inside the Quadrangle.  They all expected that everyone would be passing out food!

This is a beautiful live oak tree in one corner of the courtyard inside the
Quadrangle.  It was so very peaceful the day that we went,
and it was lovely to sit on the benches provided by the tree and just
enjoy God's goodness!

This guy was a hoot!  He was not shy or skidish, he posed so nicely for me!

And yes, there were deer right there grazing.  They would come right up to you to take the
grain from your hand.  They were wary, but not fearful.  Beautiful!

The courtyard of the Quadrangle had many peaceful areas, we loved this one above.  As we were walking away, we saw that there were chickens under the foliage!  (It was a hot morning, and they were seeking shade.)

In 1886, Geronimo, the Apache Chief, and about 40 of his tribesmen, were held there at Fort Sam Houston (which was the Quadrangle at the time) before their exile to Florida.  Some say that the tradition of the animals in the courtyard started then, that soldiers brought wildlife into the courtyard for Geronimo and men to "hunt."  That is not validated, but the story
continues on . . . . .

Above is the water/clock tower in the Quadrangle.  It is 90 feet in
height and used to hold the water tower and
a watchman's station at 60 feet.
Another tale of Geronimo is told in conjunction with this tower.
The tale says that Geronimo had climbed to the top windows of the
tower and was going to jump to his death, not wanting
to be a prisoner of the "white man"--wanting to have
control over his own life and death.
Hence, when a young person jumps from a place of some height
they call out "Geronimo!!"

Below is one of the plaques by the tower:

Below was one of the plaques within the Quadrangle . . . .

If you ever get to San Antonio, and enjoy history, a brief tour of 
Fort Sam Houston is well worth your time.  President D.W. Eisenhauer
was once stationed here, as was General Pershing.  Both of those homes
are on the driving tour.  President Teddy Roosevelt was
also a visitor to the Post.

There is also a Museum of Military History to include much of Texas'
military history as well, undergoing a major upgrade.  We had the pleasure to
be able to visit with the curator for a bit one Sunday afternoon. 

Texas sky after a bit of rain---so beautiful!

This sculpture is amazing!  The detail provokes emotion---seeing the rifle used to hold the IV bag for the wounded . . . . Took my breath away.  This is in front of the Medical Museum on the Post.

Bob, Grizz and Bailey checking out some of the vehicles from the past, also at the Museum.

And I HAD to get a photo of the M.A.S.H. copter!

Wish you could have been there with us!  
Till later . . . . .

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