Monday, February 24, 2014

Visiting in Burkburnett . . . .

Hello from Lake Arrowhead State Park, 
near Wichita Falls, Texas!
The early part of this month, we moved 
north and west a bit from Lewisville (in the 
Dallas-Fort Worth area) to the 
Wichita Falls area to
spend some time with Jason, Kerry, 
Ashley Mae.
They live in Burkburnett, Texas,
about 20 miles from the campground that
we are staying at.  Burkburnett is also about  miles from
the Oklahoma state line and the Red River.

This is Danny holding the Texas State Flag at his function. (Taken with phone camera)

Danny is very active in the Jr. ROTC at his High School.  He
is a leader within the ROTC, and loves it. (He began in
Jr. ROTC last year as a freshman down in San Antonio.)
Shortly after we got here,
he had a function to attend. . . .  he was part 
of the Color Guard!  We got to see him in full uniform . . . . .

Danny also runs Cross Country and is part of the Varsity Track Team. 
He has been running for a few years now, but last week we
had the blessing of seeing him run during a Relay Meet.  Danny ran
a relay with 3 other team members, he called it a 
"distance medley relay."  He ran 3 laps and he was the first one of his team
to run, he put the team in a solid 2nd position, and they ended up 
placing 2nd!  He prefers Cross Country to
short runs, but enjoys the camaraderie of being part of the Track Team.  He seems to be a natural motivator to his team mates, and is most always smiling and upbeat.

Grandpa watching the relays . . . . . 

Ashley Mae is growing up to be such a lovely young lady!           She still loves all things Beatles and Elvis . . . .                but her passions are art, and        wolves and drawing.  Above you can see one of her recent drawings.  She has done some amazing pictures.  She recently made a card for her  dad and it had horses, done in a soft and fluid outline, and they were running . . . . . just lovely!   (Like her!)   She also loves to play the video game MineCraft, and often plays it online with her cousin Georgia, who lives in
England!  Ashley loves being a Texas girl, she has a growing collection of cowboy boots and hats, and loves a great belt buckle --- obviously she has GREAT taste!          

The photo above of Ashley, and the photo below of Kerry and Karen were taken
at the Track Meet.  I edited the coloring and some bits on both photos.  We
had a really good time, we got quite chilly after the sun went down and the wind
picked up!   :-)

Karen Lee is our fashionista!  :-)
Kerry says that Karen is the family "Social Butterfly!"

She is also one of our family's many musicians . . . .   She plays 1st chair French Horn
in her school's band.  She plays 2nd chair French Horn in the 
District Band, AND, this winter, she auditioned for,
and became a member of, the Wichita Falls Youth Symphony Orchestra.
This weekend she was measured for the gown that she will
be wearing for their performances. How Fun!
Her musical interests do not stop with the French Horn, she also plays
acoustic guitar, electric guitar (plays both beautifully), some drums, and is
beginning the piano.  She has a good ear for music, and it shows 
when she plays.  She also can text faster than anyone I know! ~ smile ~

This weekend, Jason and Kerry had us over for a delicious smoked brisket, with Jason's recipe BBque sauce and their own recipe of Ranch Style Beans.  Yes, we over-ate . . . .  and it was soo good! Wish that you all could have joined us . . . Jason has smoking the brisket down to a fine science, and Bob and I both agreed that we have never had any that good!  It was not fatty and the bark was crisp and delish!  Jason and Kerry have put together a notebook of their own recipes, along with some family recipes that have been passed down.

The day was wonderful---it was in the low 70's, abundant sunshine, lots of smiles and laughter and excellent company, not to mention the wonderful food!

Danny playing with the dogs out back

Ashley in the never-ending wind  :-)

Grizz was peeking at me from under the grill.

Just imagine that heavenly fragrance . . . . . .
Jason made his smoking grills, and this weekend, all of them were working away!

Good night from the Red River Valley!

Till next time . . . . . .


  1. you should be a writer! you drew me right into your emotions! great photos aunt debbie! love you! Amy xo

  2. Thank you so much Sweet Amy----what a lovely compliment! I do love writing and of course, love taking the photos, as you know! ~smile~ I love you too Sweetheart! Big hugs to you!!!!