Tuesday, March 11, 2014

52 Week Challenge # 8 Clara Belle Stetler Biggs

Clara Belle Stetler,
Bob's paternal Grandmother.

Clara Belle Stetler was born on
the 16th of August in 1880
 to Simon Peter and Esther Edith Koup Stetler.
The Stetler family was living in Clay,
Howard County, Indiana.
Clara Belle was the next to the
youngest of her siblings, and had the
nickname of "Clarrie."
According to the 1940 Census, Clara had
an 8th Grade education.

Clara married Elias Martin Biggs on
November 2, 1897 in Lafayette, Tippecanoe County,
Indiana.  Elias was the son of 
Green and Olive Young Biggs. 

Clara Belle Stetler Biggs

Clara and Elias lived in Warren County, Indiana, in Green Hill, a
small town in Medina Township.  
Clara Belle and Elias' marriage was blessed with 9 children.
Clara was widowed at 59, but did not remarry.

I am told by grandchildren who knew Clara, that she loved
her flowers and that she was quick to smile.
One recalled her being a wonderful cook, and 
how they loved her beans!
But most of all, they remember her love,
her gentle ways with them,
her protective spirit encircling them.
She loved to sing the old hymns, and at least one of
her sons, used to think of her
every time he heard or sang
"In the Garden."
She was deeply loved by her children
and by her grandchildren, a gift without measure.

Clara in the center (noted as Mama) and 5 of her children.

Clara Belle had a particularly 
interesting habit that her grandchildren
recall with smiles . . . . .
She smoked a corncob pipe.
However, she only allowed herself
to smoke after all the chores were done. 
One grandchild recalls her 
and her pipe while she was fishing,
another special love of hers.

Clara Belle Stetler Biggs died May 29, 1957 in Green Hill,
she was 76 years old.
She is buried by her husband Elias in 
Davis Cemetery in Green Hill, Indiana.

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