Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Life in Our 5th Wheel . . . .

Bob and I will mark our 9th month of
living in our RV this month.
We often get asked if we are
"still enjoying it."
Yes, yes and yes!!!!

We are so grateful for the opportunity to make 
this decision . . . . .
It fits us just right.

Family ~ Ah, family!  One of God's greatest gifts!

We have been able to spend much more
time with our children and grandchildren . . . . 
we will be going to Indiana this spring to spend
time with Bob's Mom, without having to turn around and
head home because of work.
We look forward to spending time with 
family that is scattered hither and yon in this
amazing country  . . . . .
and to be able to see friends that we have
not had the opportunity to see in way too long!

We have been able to slow down, 
and live at a less stressful speed, to enjoy
the moments that each day brings.

As far as living in a small space, we really do 
enjoy it.  I still cook, we eat out less.  And who
can beat a meal cooked out over a wood fire????  (In the photo above,
I am making hash browns with onion and jalapeno
to be added to Migas that I was making
for breakfast.  Yum!!!)  I do have a convection/microwave oven.
I am still experimenting with the best way to cook various things
in my convection oven.  (It only goes up to 425 degrees, so 
I bake some things a bit differently.)  

The above photo is in my kitchen, I have a few very special family
things that I put out each time that we set up.
It is a daily joy to see a few things that remind us of our
parents and grandparents, as well as our kiddos and grandkiddos!

As Bob and I discussed the possibility of this change in our way of living, 
we spoke of the things that we did not want to give up
in the moving from a house to an RV.
For myself, genealogy and quilting were up there at the top, as well
as cooking.  This winter, Bob and I figured out how to set
up a "sewing center" for me----it takes a bit of floor space in the 
kitchen, but works great!  Above are some "mug rugs" that 
I made, here in the 5th wheel, as a gift.
Trying to figure out what to do about a computer and genealogy
area was rather tricky.  We tried one fold away table 
that really was just too large for the livingroom (that became
my sewing table).
One evening we went to the local IKEA store with Heather, Kevin, the boys,
and Kevin's parents, Calvin and Marsha.  Kevin and I were both
looking for something to resolve laptop using issues.
We looked and looked at all sorts of possibilities, when Marsha
said, "What about this smaller sized ironing board?"  
Bob wanted to be able to have our bikes to ride, to 
walk more and to read more----
maybe take up fishing eventually.
Well, we found perfect cruiser bikes for us, and a carrier for
the back of the 5th wheel.  Bob loves riding---
I am trying to build up my "knee power" slowly, he can
ride circles around me . . . . . literally!!!!  :-)
And we both keep our Kindles busy with reading.  Bob just re-read
"Killing Lincoln" by Bill O'Reilly and is reading
Charles Krauthamer's new book.

Grizz and Bailey delight in any walk we might want to take,
and they certainly benefit us all!  

And so, as the sun sinks slowly in the west . . . .  .

~ Chuckle ~

We send you all big hugs!

Till Later . . . . .

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  1. Love love love the Mary Engelbreight print :) and reading about your travels! much love!