Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Lake Arrowhead State Park

While we were visiting Jason and Kerry
and the Grands in Burkburnett,
we camped in Lake Arrowhead State Park.
It was about 30 miles south and east of
Burkburnett, to the south of Wichita Falls.

We really enjoyed it there!
I think that it was the solitude that made
the park so nice for us!  
The RV spots are in circles, or cul de sacs,
with 6 spots per circle.
We had our circle to ourselves most
of the time that we were there!

Above is our campsite--the only trees were the short mesquite trees in their winter mode,
the only green on them was the mistletoe!  

This oil derrick was across the road from us, it was often the only sound we heard!
Burkburnett's nickname is Boomtown, and has derricks all over!

The park service has cut in paths to make getting from one spot to another easier.
They also have a few trails.

Danny fishing---not even a bite this particular morning.
Danny has a passion for fishing and he came out to spend a night with us.
We went down to the lake the next morning for him to fish,
and for us to explore a bit.

As you can see in the photo below, Lake Arrowhead is extremely low. 
We asked one of the park employees about the  lake, they said that it was 
at 24%, or 17 feet down. So sad!  So many dead fish along the dry
bottom.  The area of Wichita Falls is in an extreme drought,
in fact, they have begun cloud seeding this month.

Above is the main pier in the State Park.
Danny told us how the water used to be close to the pier walk way.

This Canada Goose (yes, that is the proper term :-) ) was one of many
in the area where we had stopped.  I kept getting closer and closer to it
and taking photos . . . . . . 

It was not a happy goose, squawking as it took off . . . . .
See it's feet tucked up behind it?
He escaped me in the water . . . . . . enjoying it's solitude.

In the photos below were some of our neighbors there at the park!  
Prairie Dogs!  They have a very large Prairie Dog Town there
in the park.
These little guys chirped and barked, ran to their holes,
wagged their little tails in alarm . . .  .
all showing their general displeasure with us being in the area!

They were so fun to watch . . . . running hither and yon, disappearing down 
their tunnels, and then another would pop up in another 
hole nearby!

These little guys and their tunnel openings were everywhere!

 They were very alert little critters . . . . . the one above
looks like he is giving me the "evil eye!"
Isn't he cute!!!!

One of the reasons that they are so alert, is in the photo below . . . . . .

Hawks were plentiful in the park, as their prey was also plentiful . . . . 
snakes, prairie voles, prairie dogs . . . . . .

Isn't it beautiful?  

This little fella above says "So long from Lake Arrowhead State Park!!!!
Come see us!!!"

The dry prairie grasses were so pretty, you can even
see them beginning to green-up!


               Till next time . . . . . . .

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