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52 Week Challenge #13 Ingham Starkey


Bob's 3rd Great Grandfather
~Bob's Mother's Father's Father's
Mother's Father~

Ingham Starkey was born circa 1820 in Ohio,
possibly Muskingum County, to
John Starkey and Polly James Starkey.
There were 9 children that we are aware of
born to John and Polly Starkey, of which
Ingham was the 4th eldest.
Ingham's younger years were spent in 
Ohio, the family moving to Indiana circa 1829.

Ingham's father, John, died circa 1838-1839, and 
Guardianship papers were filed for Ingham Starkey,
granting guardianship to John Parker on the 13th of September, 

Ingham was soon to find his future wife, Ruelma Rowe.
( )
They were married on the 5th of May in 1842
in Tippecanoe County, Indiana.  The ceremony was
officiated by A. M. Roe, Justice of the Peace.

Above is a copy of the Marriage Record for Ingham and Ruelma.

Ingham and Ruelma were blessed with 3 children, Harriet,
John W. and Mary Elizabeth or "Lib," as she was called.
(Bob's line flows through Harriet.)

Ingham is a Sawyer by trade.  A Sawyer was a
carpenter, or someone who worked with wood.

One of Bob's cousins, who
has worked diligently on the
family genealogy, found what I feel
is a wonderful
bit of documentation;
November 5, 1850
Ingham Starkey purchased a Bible
for his wife Ruelma in 
Wyandotte, Indiana for $1.50.
Ruelma faithfully entered the family's events
into her treasured Bible.
What a lovely gift for Ingham to give.

Ingham and Ruelma did not have many years
to share together . . . .
 Ingham died at the young age of 33.
It was Christmas Eve, December 24, 1853 that
Ruelma entered into her Bible for the date
of her young husband's death.

The above article was found in the Lafayette newspaper,
The Daily Courier, December 27, 1853.

Below is a photo that is believed to be Ingham Starkey and his 
son John W. Starkey.

Ingham is interred in Dayton Cemetery,
in Dayton, Tippecanoe County, Indiana.

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