Tuesday, April 1, 2014

In Lewisville, Texas For a Bit!

We have been in the Lewisville area 
now for the past month.
It has been great to spend time with
family here!
Plus we get to do fun things like 
take Grizz and Bailey to 
the Vet for their 6 month
checks . . . . 
Get our dental and physical
checks . . . 
all fun stuff!!!  :-)

 We spent a month at a campground that
we stayed in quite a bit when
we first moved down 
to Texas, Pilot Knoll Campground.

We really enjoy it there,
the sites are large, lots of trees, lake view from most all sites,
just really lovely.

Above, Robert has the fire pit ready
and going . . . .
Heather, Kevin, Mace and Kaelan
and Mary Ellen and Kelcy
were able to come out for the
evening and we
cooked "Hobo Dinners" over
the fire, and rounded it out with 
S'mores!  YUM!

Mace looks like he is telling a story . . . . 
and below, 
KJ and Kev pose for a photo.

Mary Ellen and Kelcy and Mace in the background
There was much laughing, of course!
Mary Ellen and Kelcy--- we all had a good time!

 We don't get to see MaryEllen and 
Kelcy as often as we would
like, as they live 
a bit further, 
in North Richland Hills.
They both have busy
work schedules . . . . . . . 
(We can relate  . . .)

We were just missing Jason
and family and Derek
and family. . . . 

Next time!

We also had the treat of being able 
to go to another Track Meet!
This Meet was one of Mace's ----
his very first in fact!
Mace throws Discus for his track 

"The Wind-up"

Mace does 2 "wind-ups" and on the 3rd time,
he throws

Above, when he threw the discus, his glasses came up onto his forehead!

Checking his throw distance

Mace took 4th place in the Meet and
came in 3rd place for his team.
Pretty good for his first time!

Mace is in 7th grade now.  He 
is taking all the pre-AP classes that he can.
He is in his 2nd year of playing viola
in his school's orchestra.  (He has improved
so much since last year, and he loves it!)
He is the grandchild who used to
say "Grandma, do you have any
music without words. . . .
you know, like a soundtrack to
Lord of the Rings"!
(He is also the one who knew that I would 
love the PianoGuys!)
He loves school, loves reading, researching
and has been working on writing
his own "Marvel" type comic strip.

Kaelan is in 1st grade.  He loves school, 
adores his teacher (Heather said that
she learned early in the year not to
challenge anything that his teacher said!)
cannot read enough!
He is still a lover of cars of all sorts,
and planes.  He knows most cars
and planes on sight . . . .
he is quite the gamer---playing racing games!
He is energy incarnate!
He talks non-stop . . . .   Gramps says you can
tell when KJ (his nickname) is asleep . . . 
he is quiet!
KJ is also a lover of music, but tends to
go for "Mom's Music"---rock.  :-)
He loved the song "What Does the Fox Say"! 

Good-bye from Texas. . . . .  
Till Later, Y'all!

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