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52 Week Challenge # 9 Anna Christina Carlsson Carlson

Anna Christina Carlsson

Anna Christina was my Mother's Father's Mother.
Grandma Carlson.

Anna was born on the 28th of August
in 1870.  She was born to
Carl Johan Carlsson and Johanna
Charlotta Petersson.
Carl and Johanna were living in  
Sankt Nicolai, Nykopings, Sodermanland,

This is a screen shot of Anna's Record of Birth. It is written in Swedish, and the writing is faint in
some spots. Anna is the 2nd listing, and her parents' names are the 3rd and 4th listings right across from her name,
under the heading: Forsamling.

Anna had 2 elder brothers that we
know of, but more research is needed
on the family during the 1800's in Sweden.
(How I wish I knew how to say more than
"Good Day," "Welcome," and "I Love You!")

Anna married Klas Oskar Carlsson in Sweden
circa 1891-1892.
I have not found the record for their marriage
as of yet.

Shortly after their marriage, Klas Oskar (known as
Claus Oscar, Oscar or C.O.) immigrated
to America---to Chicago, where he had several
siblings who had already immigrated.  
Klas Oskar immigrated in 1893, found work and 
secured a place for the family to live, and
sent for his wife, Anna, and their tiny 
daughter, Ellen Marie Olivia.

Anna came to America with little Ellen, who was 
not quite 2 when they left Vadsbro in Sweden 
on the 20th of April in 1895.

Photo taken circa 1895

In the photo above, 
Anna Christina and Ellen Marie Olivia Carlson, just before
joining Klas Oskar in Chicago.

Anna and Oscar Carlson (Americanized names)
had at least 8 children.  Only 4 of their children lived to 
adulthood: Ellen, Florence, Evar (my grandfather) and 
Edwin was 5 years old and playing by the side of the
curb of the road, and was kicked in the head by
the horse of the milkman.  He died soon after.
Olga and Rudolph were twins.
Rudolph died of pneumonia before he was 1 year old.
I believe that Olga died of Scarlet Fever.
Aunt Ellen remembered there being a black 
wreath on the door as a notice to others.
And the baby of the family, little Esther, died before
she was 1 year old, again of pneumonia.
How difficult for Anna and Oscar, the death of
even 1 child is beyond traumatic, but they lost 4 within 
a very few number of years.

In the mid 1920's, Anna and Oscar moved north,
to Amber Township in Mason County, Michigan. 
Their eldest daughter, Ellen, had just suffered the loss of 
her husband, and his mother, with Ellen being 
the care-giver to both.  Ellen had lost a great deal of
weight, and her health was at risk, so her family, including her
younger brothers, Evar and Herman came north
to help out on the farm that she lived on.
The Techloff Farm became the Carlson Farm, 
Old Homestead.

Photo of the Carlson Farm, ca. 1970. Old Homestead is painted on the barn.

Anna was a very social person, involved in her church
and with the Ladies Aid groups there, as well
as in her community.
Throughout her life she kept in close contact with her 
family back home in Sweden, as well as her
family in Chicago.  Family was of utmost importance 
to her.
Anna loved to laugh, and to have a good time . . . .
passing that joy along to her children 
and the generations that follow.

A photo of Anna and her son Evar at the World's Fair in Chicago.

The Carlson family.
In the front, seated, Oscar and Anna.
In the back, from the left: Herbert, Ellen, Evar and Florence.

Anna Christina Carlsson Carlson died on the 9th of March, 1937.
The cause of death was Chronic Vascular Hypertension and
Auculer Fibrilation causing a Cerebral Hemorrage (information
from Anna's Certificate of Death).

Anna is buried beside her husband, Claus Oscar
and their family in Brookside Cemetery 
in Scottville, Michigan.


  1. Excellent post and terrific story! I, too, have Carlsson ancestors from Sweden but a different area and a greater name change once here.

  2. Thank you for the nice compliment! Our Carlson's just dropped one of the s's when here.

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